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Member wins Global Space Competition!


by Amber Joseph

CELEBRATING SPACE SUCCESS! Vaishnavi Anand, second year student at Victoria University of Wellington studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science, has won the 2018 ISO World Standards Day Competition…

Talk from Sarah Kessans


by Vaishnavi Anand

Sarah's talk today was "Testing the Limits of the Human Spirit". Her talk was split into two parts, her ocean rowing adventure and her application for NASA. In the first part, she talked about the…

Space Week; Art in space?


by Amber Joseph

For Space Week 2018, we celebrated with a number of events; an outdoor movie screening of Guardians of the Galaxy; a space themed art competition, with a $100 Gordon Harris Voucher for first prize…

Clubs Awards


by Amber Joseph

Thrilled to announce that we received the 'New Club of the Year' Award at the Gold and Supreme Club Awards of 2018! 🏆 Nevin Jojo, our Vice President also was well the well deserved winner of the Gold…

Guardians of the Galaxy


by Amber Joseph

As part of Space Week 2018, we decided it would be epic to have a movie night that brings people together from all over the space community. And because we can, we thought we might as well have it…

Overnight Star Gazing Trip


by Daniel Wrench

On Saturday 14th July 2018 the NZSSA held its first overnight stargazing trip at Camp Wainui. Both NZSSA members and those who just wanted a trip out to see the stars were treated to a stellar night…

Industry Tour to KiwiStar


by Amber Joseph

A huge thank to KiwiStar Optics for showing us around and giving us an insight into what working in the space industry can entail right here in Wellington. We met the amazing team from KiwiStar at the…

Act in Space Hackathon


by Amber Joseph

Wow. It is currently the Monday following New Zealand’s first Act in Space Hackathon and I am still playing catch-up with what we achieved. In my mind, the 24 hours spent in the GreenHouse at…

Students' In Space Conference


by Amber Joseph

On Monday 21st May we held the inaugural Students in Space conference. It was a great success, with attendees of all ages bursting with questions, space quizzes, planetarium shows, and most of all…

RASNZ Conference


by Amber Joseph

Vee and I approached the RASNZ 2018 conference full of anticipation, excitement, and a hint of trepidation. The cost was putting a decent dent in our untouched club budget; as we had never been to a…

Yuri's Night


by Amber Joseph

Tonight we celebrated global space achievement on Yuri's night; the night that a human first launched into space. Given this was our first event of the year, we decided to celebrate it in true…

Meeting with the Mayor


by Philip Oliver

It was great meeting with Mayor Justin Lester this morning. Good to have a chat about the future of NZ space and how to expand to encompass primary and secondary students and help foster their…

Humble Beginnings


by Amber Joseph

What would the world look like if every student on the planet knew they could improve the Space Industry? Or perhaps, a better question to ask would be ‘What would the universe look like if every…